The difference between nice guys and assholes

There’s no difference between the two actually. You see there’s a lot of uneducated men out that talking like blithering idiots about how they’re a nice guy and they NEVER get the girl. And that some asshole takes her and treats her like shit. Blah blah.. its all been said but let me just say THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. only confidence separates Man from Wuss. INSIDE

So tired of hearing it. I search website after website and talk to countless men and you know what they all say? THAT WOMEN LIKE ASSHOLES, let me get one thing straight. Women don’t like assholes and women also DON’T LIKE NICE GUYS. Women like a guy that maintains a sense of self has confidence to boot and has a moral standard.

All these combined create a sense of indifference. I harp on that word a lot because indifference is the true aspect and respect for ones self. When your indifferent you don’t place importance on keeping a woman in your life, you place it on yourself because at the end of this road my friend you will die alone. As morbid as that sounds its the fucking truth. So why can’t you put importance on your personal happiness?

When a man does this he doesn’t take shit from a woman, if she argues or yells at him. He’ll turn his nose up in the air until she’s finished which in turn gets her more fired up. (while an asshole will yell back) And its not because the man doesn’t care its because he doesn’t want to hear it, especially if it was unwarranted.

A man does not Apologize for things that deserve no apology
A man puts a woman in her place if she does him wrong
A man respects his friends and his women all the same
A man WILL walk away when a girl shows him disrespect
A man doesn’t need a woman in his life, because he is happy with his own
A man understands that a relationship is an ADDITION to HIS LIFE not the driving force around it.

I could go over so many principles of what it is to be a MAN. Its these principles that make him an asshole granted there are true dicks out there that can’t respect a woman regardless, believe it those men are also very single.

A nice guy places importance on keeping the girl happy
A nice guy thinks that buying things means affection
A nice guy makes a relationship the driving force of his life and not an addition to it
A nice guy fears losing the “girl of his dreams”
A nice guy still believes in true love
A nice guy NEEDS a woman in his life because he is insecure with his own.
A nice guy submits in the face of adversity and apologizes for things that aren’t his fault.

You see these are the principles in which a NICE guy builds his foundation upon. ALL OF IT, every sickening point! Is about supplicating.. feeding the fire, INSECURITY! we’ll cover more in the future. However take this time to review the principles and heed them well.


21 thoughts on “The difference between nice guys and assholes

  1. Love men says:

    This is pretty bad advice. A man who doesn’t make it a priority to keep his woman happy, will simply lose her. The same for a woman who doesn’t prioritize her man’s happiness, as well. You can’t just think about yourself and think your significant other will stay for long. No guy should follow this ranting, angry excuse for advice–he’ll just be alone all his life. If a woman is nice to you and wants to be with you, treat her well, and she will make you happy, if she’s a good person. If she’s a bad person, then you should not be with her to begin with. It’s really very simple.

  2. Krista says:

    Haaaaa this is total bullshit. You do have a point about women liking neither assholes or nice guys. Women all have different tastes. Women usually like a guy who is nice to her, but not all of the time. Women like chases too, not just guy! A guy can usually string a woman on by being kind to her, but still having his own life. He doesn’t act desperate. Nobody likes desperation, man or woman! And usually nice guys are nice to the point that it’s creepy, or nice in such a friendly way that they do not flirt, so the woman doesn’t see him with romantic interest because she thinks he is not into her. It’s about taking a romantic approach, not a friendly one.

  3. Yep, a chick says:

    Oh I completely agree with you on the whole article. Obviously the comments above are from guys. Women DONT like the asshole, there’s no equality in the relationship. and No, women DONT like the nice guy, who wants to be with a pussy? Know what you want, communicate that, and be 80/20 or 20/80… share the relationship. But dont think for a second that the nice girl wants a nice guy or wants to be treated like shit. EVERY SINGLE POINT is valid. I hope the guys who are alone and wonder why really read the info and question themselves. For myself, I simply want to know im not some lay nor some dominant person in the relationship. Pay attention guys… theres wisdom here.

  4. Matt says:

    i disagree with this, i agree with love men and krista. you gotta be somewhere between nice guy and man. u gotta keep your woman happy, dont make her your main priority in life, but care about HER. but dont apolagize for things that arent your fault and dont be so insecure about losing her.

  5. justin says:

    real story give advice! So I was dating this hott French Gurl for 2 1/2 n yea I played the asshole mostly but was still loving at times. And it worked for a long time I just kept her in check. I took the ass too far n she broke up with me. i loved her and wished i was nicer and not have lost her. so I changed my approach to being the nice guy which sux, only the ones I’m not so attracted too r biting. What should I do go back to my old ways or what is there a median between the dick n the nice guy? Or is every gurl different? Help LOL

  6. justin says:

    wow I read those green guidlines and was cocky and assertive twords women randomly in my phone haha and I pretty much told them we were going on a date! fitting her into my schedule not asking her polightly. FLIRT iTell her how hott she was that night or tell her how horrible your last night with her was. Make sure she know your not going on the friends list!!! Give her something that shows you r confident in yourself and really that she doesn’t mean nuthin to you. Play a Badass not the asshole. Oh and don’t cater to her every need. If ur thinkin it say it as a man it will shock her and gain intorest LOL i’m so glad I looked into y women love the badass/asshole. Try it have fun

  7. Freddy says:


  8. cs123 says:

    “A man puts a woman in her place if she does him wrong”
    –Put a woman in her place? Which era are you living in, 1950s the suburban American dream? Women are not inferior to men and men are not inferior to women. Why not just discuss your issues with her and see if you can reach a consensus? Or are you just too lazy to hold an intelligent conversation with your girlfriend?

    • your entitled to your opinions and judgments. If you want to have a cup of tea with your cheating girlfriend and explain to her why its wrong.. by all means have at it friend.

      Then again that’s how men of the 2009 era are doing things.. progressively through evolution it seems more and more men are losing their balls. And need to “talk” things over instead of telling the woman to leave and never come back

      • Mandy says:

        I wish I could find a nice guy to talk things over with me. I don’t see what is wrong with a genuinely nice guy who likes to talk with his girlfriend, rather than “put her in her place.” Every happy couple in a lasting relationship I know say the KEY is good communication.

  9. slosh says:

    i say this is sadly right. i was “the nice guy” it got me no were i treated women with respect as i was raised to, i got ran over looked over and cheated on. i treat women like they aint shit but hoes n tricks, they eat it up. society is fucked up. its sad when you cant be you to get buy in life. but dont get me wrong nothing is perfect and we all change. there are people who look for different things this is just right in the majority.

  10. jman2009 says:

    Well I am a good looking guy im athletic ,smart,funny, and very cultured . I would say I am a nice guy but that doesnt mean i am a pushover or that my life is focused on someone else more then my own. When i see a woman looking at me with those come talk to me eyes i simply smile,then look away and say to myself I could go talk to this person and who knows what could happen love,hate,sex,laughs or a new friend ? you just never know. But why do I have to go talk to her. I want a woman that ups and talks to me witch never happens . But i will be around for the one that does. Just because i dont say anything does not mean I am not interested. So next time you see the hot,shy guy just walk on by if your expecting something from me. I am the saddest soul you will see.

    • that sounds terrible jman2009. Maybe you should read my motivational piece in the “about KTM” section. In short though

      Life isn’t a spectator sport. If your happy with the way things are fine. But unfortunately the way the world of women works now, and I’ve actually interviewed a few of them on campus here. Even if they see a hot sexy guy who noticed them.. They wouldn’t make the first move.

      A lot of these girls are good girls as well and not some attention whore.

  11. Ummm NO. says:

    There is something seriously wrong with the idea of the ‘Nice vs. A**holes’ mentality.

    A good relationship is built on a foundation of MUTUAL respect and understanding. It’s based on an enthusiastic willingness to learn/adapt to the others needs, quirks, fears and joys. Why? Because the person is worth it. Because how they make you feel is worth it!

    If you seriously believe that throwing niceness out the window, or wearing your insecurities on your sleeve by treating a person like that old piece of candy in your pocket that you don’t care for, but will keep ’cause it’s better than nothing, than you’re an idiot. If you do happen to find a mate who shares your view, than they’re just as stupid as you.

  12. Paul says:

    I thought this was an article on “The difference between nice guys and assholes”. However, your comparative key points only out line Men and Nice Guys. You left out the key points of an Asshole, It should look more like this:

    A Asshole does not Apologize (PERIOD)
    A Asshole puts a woman in her place (PERIOD)
    A Asshole respects his friends, not his women (PERIOD)
    A Asshole WILL backhand a girl that shows him disrespect
    A Asshole needs a woman in his life, because he is needs someone to dump on.
    A Asshole doesn’t understand shit about a relationship, except as something brag about the dumb bitch he is screwing around on (PERIOD)

    Though the years I have been in over a dozen or so “serious” relationships. As a nice guy, those relationships last between 2 weeks, to 1 year. The two relationships that lasted over 8 years each, I was a total ASSHOLE. Do the math I did.

    Women don’t want to be made love to by a Nice Guy. They want a Asshole who will grab them by the back of the neck and say sternly ” I’m going to fuck you” like you have no choice

  13. Mandy says:

    What gets me about dating is the whole “game” aspect. Are there any real people out there? Can’t you just be yourself, treat a person with respect and dignity, and how YOU YOURSELF would like to be treated? I am so tired of meeting “nice guys” who turn into total assholes just because they can be. Be yourself, stop playing games, and for God’s sake, don’t IGNORE your woman because you think it’s part of the game! Nothing is a bigger turn off!!

  14. What a fucking twat you are says:

    The difference between nice guys and assholes is that assholes feel entitled to the respect of others regardless of what they do. These guys are usually hot and dumb women are willing to go along with their act as a result.

    This isn’t a problem in the short term, but if you ever wonder why respect between genders is at an all-time low please take a look in the mirror and reflect upon the monster you’ve help create.

  15. Candace says:

    How about not have any rules, or stipulations and just be you……the right one will fall in love with, and vice versa!!!!!!!! At that point, you’ll put her before you, naturally.

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