Five Signs your being strung along

You know it happens, it happens to the best of us actually. We believe so whole heartedly that the girl we’ve been after for weeks or months even will eventually come around. You’ve tried the open communication and you don’t get any really definitive answer “we’re just friends” so you’re left in the breeze wafting around wondering what the hell is going on! Well my friend you’re getting strung a long. Just a backup in her scheme of things. While you’re important to her you serve mostly as a back up plan or maybe even an ego boost. There’s a lot of reasons why a woman leads a man on, but that’s neither here nor there.. when getting led on the thing is to jump ship. How do you know? Here’s how.

1. She finds you attractive admits it, yet will not escalate with you
She finds you attractive, will kino you and generally be very provocative around you. Why? because she’s sexually attracted to you. And yet for some reason will not let things escalate into sex OR maybe something more serious. The reason this is, because if she has sex with you or turns whatever you two have into a relationship she looses her trump card. She will no longer have her play toy to string a long and she could be subject to losing you and everything you came with. basically if her star pitcher gets injured and she doesn’t have a back up the game is over.

2. Will follow through with certain plans, but not all
A girl that is blatantly blowing you off each and every time has ZERO interest in you. However a girl that follows through with SOME plans. these girls are giving you JUST ENOUGH attention for you to stay interested.

3. Has a boyfriend/Fuck buddy that she doesn’t care about but will not leave for you.
Its simple really. The reasons she has this boyfriend OR a fuck buddy she doesn’t care about is because she’s meeting her sexual need while you are meeting her emotional needs. I would gauge emotional is more important but you may not see it that way. Still she does this because she has all her bases covered but will continue to talk shit on the person she’s banging to you because she’s keeping you interested with the unspoken thought.

“oh well she talks so much shit about him, she’s bound to leave him for me eventually”

Get over yourself buddy, it ain’t happening and if it does, its not because of you.

4. Won’t let you kiss her, but yet will tell you that its ok if it were to happen
Conflicting messages and mixed signals are the norm when it comes to being led on. you don’t know what to think and therefore cannot come to a conclusion. So you drive on hoping that maybe it’ll be some accident of passion.

5. No matter what she says, or does she still refuses to start a relationship with you
Its all good news, everything she tells you leads to only one answer. “this girl is into me!” Well if she was into you, why are you not together? Listen judge a woman by her ACTIONS not her words. Talk is cheap they say and when it comes to love and relationships that phrase is golden! Her ACTIONS will tell you the truth where her words are lying to you.

Its sad to see a man put all his eggs into one basket, and when a man lets himself be led on its because he doesn’t have any other baskets to put his eggs into. The key to avoid being led on is by having other options in your life. If your not seriously dating somebody you should have other women you can actively talk to and enjoy the company with. Without that, its like driving down a one lane road to a destination you have no idea where its leading. Only in disappointment to turn around and drive back down it.

Let me tell you the trip back is more painful that the trip to. So if you being led on DROP THE BITCH and MOVE ON. Only this time talk to more than one female.


8 thoughts on “Five Signs your being strung along

  1. ha says:

    interestingly enough I’m a girl and every single one of those (I mean EVERY single one) describes perfectly the guy that I’ve been talking to… so I guess it could go either way. The thing is though, I KNOW I’m being strung along, what I could really use is a slap in the face and some advice on how to move the f*ck on…

  2. Walking dead says:

    When you but a woman dinner, lunch, and talking about personal things and yet wont go out on an actual official honest to god date. You know nothing is going to happen.

  3. Nathan says:

    I would advise anyone who thinks they’re being strung along to rethink reading this article, yes good points are made but there could be so much going on on her end, its near impossible to take all the issues a girl may have in her life. I read this and still went for my girl, and i made her mine, and 8 weeks into our relationship doenst seem like much but i couldnt be happier. Reading this did put things into perspective, but if you don’t try hard enough, maybe you’re not worthy for that girl. Maybe its better to be foolist sometimes and ignore advice from friends, colleges and these websites, and just keep trying, you will know eventually if this is the person that is right for you.

  4. Even if you truly know in your gut you are being strung along, still end things in a nice/decent/respectful way and leave the door cracked open if there was a 1% chance you were wrong. You will not regret taking the high road back to someone else who is really crazy about you, and lets you know it. But staying with someone who is leading you on makes you look like you don’t value yourself and no one wants to be with someone who appears to have no dignity. Even when it hurts, distract yourself with anyone or anything else so you don’t text or call. Have massive fun and put it on your facebook page.

  5. lisa says:

    I ve just come out of a long term relationship where i was hurt badly, I am a female and i am all the above listings however the guy i am in touch with i really like but he does not message back much even thought i wud love to have something with him in the future, he says he loves me but he does not show it by staying in touch on a regular basis, so I think a girl can feel that she may not be doing a good thing by taking a chance with a guy until she knows him a bit better, instead of rushing in only to shatter both her and his dreams of something good, so I think this is unfair statement and yes men also do these things but they are not always for stringing along but for to get to know someone before wasting each others time in jumping ahead of themselves. All relationships need a good friendship before they turn into a good relationship. thanks

  6. Funny… I just got out of the “stringing along” 3 days ago.

    I met this girl 7 weeks ago, we went on couple dates and she was the one who initially asked “where do you see us going?”. I said so far things are good and if things continue, I do see us going somewhere. and on the end of 2nd week, she said we were going too fast and I backed off a little.

    A few days later (3rd week), she messaged me and asked what I was doing and she came over. That night, we became official.

    Things were great for a week or two (up to 5th week), crazy sex, introduced me to her family (I know, too soon, but I didn’t mind since I was really ready for a relationship).

    Her and I did spend at least 3 to 4 days a week together though after we became official, but of course, not for the whole day. I’d come over for a couple of hours for dinner after work and we’d watch TV, sex twice a week, which I know for a fact her and I both enjoyed.

    On the beginning of the 6th week, she tells me she’s not sure about what she really feels. That she likes her space, do her own thing etc, so I once again agreed to take a step back and go with the pace she wants. I did not see her for a week, but we still exchanged very short messages, less than the usual and our text messages to each other combined are no more than 7 to 8 each day and I would just call her at night to say goodnight, occasionally, we would talk on the phone for 20 minutes or so if I haven’t seen her for a couple of days.

    The beginning of 7th week came, we were walking and she wasn’t saying much, hence I asked her “is anything bothering you?” She said no, but there was obviously something until I got annoyed and asked her “not sure about what you feel again?” and she flipped out and we got into an argument. I told her I’m tired of the ups and downs and about her not knowing what she really wants and it has been a month and a half. I told her this is becoming pointless… so she got even more upset and said “I said I need time” and later on said “I don’t even care anymore, let’s end this”.

  7. Angelina Ballerina says:

    Been here and maybe still am. Been talking to a girl for about 8 months, off and on, met once. Ramifications of the relationship is friends with benefits but sometimes just words gets tiring. I think someone can only be “really busy but I am trying” for so long. Why not just say you aren’t interested? Still, I enjoy our conversations and still like her. Oh, the tangled webs we weave,

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