How to beat a female player

A lot of guys are to fucking soft for their own good. And an alpha female more or less will eat them up and spit them out. Alpha females normally exhibit traits that are much like a man’s. They like sex they are secure in their sexuality and they’re attractive. Sometimes though these alpha females can be players. Its these girls that take a dude for a emotional roller coaster and then drop him off puke all over his shirt and his hair all jacked up. Don’t be one of these guys. Let Keys show you the way. INSIDE

“A reputation for honesty gives you the cover to practice all manner of deception.”
– Unnamed con-artist.

if you meet one of these playerettes here is what you do.

1. do not form any emotional affection or attatchment to them. If you do like them let them form the emotional affection or attraction.

2. know she is a player and expect anything else.

3. teach this girl what playing is all about.

“The mirror reflects reality, but it is also the perfect tool for deception: When you mirror your enemies, doing exactly as they do, they cannot figure out your strategy.”
– Robert Greene, The 48 Laws Of Power, 1998

Let her make all the major moves.
Play hard to get.
Do not show any affection
become a challenge

Start off by showing a little interest – then back off and make her come to you. When she comes to you, show interest again, then back off.

leave abruptly

Early on, never bring up questions about her feelings for you or your present “relationship”. And if she brings these kinds of questions up, change the subject

keep backing off and make her keep coming to you. That’s the basic system to it, and it’s the same system that clever women have been using since the dawn of time to make guys fall for them. Remember that the next time she says she’s going to call and then she doesn’t. Then remember to never give her the opportunity to say she’ll call – tell her that YOU WILL CALL HER, and be sincere, and then DON’T call. Wait a couple days, or whatever you think is called for.

True shyness has no part in your act. You’ll often get ahead though, by being able to fake it. At this point, it’s no longer shyness but an offensive weapon: By showing shyness, you give off a sense of innocence, which for some scandalous women is too hard to resist.

Put on an innocent act whenever you’re around her, and then when you finally get with her, continue afterwards to act innocent. This whole time that you’re acting innocent don’t show any feelings of attachment or affection, even after getting with her on more than one occasion. None. Absolutely no feelings.

If you do this right, you can seriously cause this girl to become obsessed with you. Because she can’t explain your lack of feelings. You begin to overwhelm her thoughts. You’re innocent – she therefore assumes you’re naive – and she thinks that you should have had feelings for her developing since day one.

Innocent yet untouchable can be an extremely effective combination.

In the end you can either keep this up or hit it and quit it. Either way you just played a playerette.

In my honest opinion Call her on being a player and go spend your time on a girl that wants more than games and attention, but if you want that notch on your belt. That badge to wear around that tells everyone you played a player… than go for it, but never never never show affection or concern cause if you do she will eat you alive and leave you a helpless afc chasing her sent. All she will leave you is the feeling of being alone.



16 thoughts on “How to beat a female player

  1. daniel says:

    I have been a player for almost 4 years. And in those 4 years I had a lote of women players. And I know the secret of breaking there hearts if you want to learn more email me. Or invite me on bbm 222fffc0.

  2. been doin it says:

    All of that is nice info for a new wanna be player “trying” to do her thing. However for a seasoned female player its garbage. A true player is only going to do what she wants to do to begin with, including have sex with a male. What will u have played if she did exactly what she wanted???? As far the play innocent role, thats one of a playerettes major tactics and game peep game. Read art of seduction by the same author and get an insight in behaviorism.

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  4. Thorned Rose says:

    Sweetie, I have been I VERY succesfull player for over 10 years ( started v young) and that stuff would not work on a true player. If you tried that with me I would see right through it and either get bored of you or see it as a challeng. You best hope it’s the first as if I saw it as a challenge I would break you. I always get the ones I’m after.

  5. Rawad Wen says:

    People think if your a player, you are an important person. At the psychological level, players are people who are afraid of commitment and do not know what they want exactly from a relationship, and usually they become like this after being hurt at young age from a relationship, they develop a what is called a pain body.

    My advice to all the ladies and gents, is to write on a piece of paper what you want in a partner and a relationship. As well guys do not hurry a relationship, love have no opposite, and if you hurry, know it is not based from your freedom, but from your ego attachment and need, and this will create a horrible relationship for both of you.

    The struggle comes from resistance of the ego and fear of commitment, playing games at the ego level, may get you into a relationship. But the question how solid is this relationship, and how much are you happy with it, and can this relationship stand with the face of change in life.

    Players are the one who are actually playing themselves before playing others.

    Relationships are lessons so date more, and learn how to treat your partner and what is love, and that way you can decide what to choose in life. Thank a player, thank all your x’s for they have taught you what you want and do not want, and what relationships should be.

  6. Matthew says:

    Well, I’m not really sure who is or has been played, but I am currently in a relationship with a well seasoned player. She had her hand in helping me to leave my wife and best friend of 14 years, 3 adorable young children, give up my business of 4&1/2 years thtat was beginning to be successful, my home that I had been renting for almost as long as I was in business and about ready to give up on life. She nearly killed me. I was almost gone, believing her lies. Allowing her to twist the truth.around. Allowing her to twist me around. I knew from the start she was bad news, yet, I fell into the trap anyways, never having been involved in a relationship with such a hurtful creature. Here I am,more than 1&1/2 years into this craziness and still, I am with her. The thought has crossed my mind to get even, but then I think, how will that solve anything? It won’t. Only continue the cycle. Continue the worlds current sickness. standing true to my values,remaining “innocent and unaware” is, of coarse, my defence or strategy. However, this is how I would be anyway even if I had no knowledge of her wrong doings.She still pleads the 5th or sticks to her lies about people,places and or activity when anything is brought up, using anger to cover her bull shit and to attempt to “control” our conversations. I really had no idea of what to expect when all of this first started despite friends family,neighbors,customers and so on attempted to warn me. Multiple times………I’m still not sure what I should do and there are many horrible fights she started so she could take flight on me. She now seems to genuinely care about me, but I’m not sure if it’s just to hurt me agAin or if she really is trying to help me out of the rut she shoved me into……time will tell I suppose….in the meantime, I continue to force her to be accountable for her actions, remain firm in my innocence and continue to give her trust that she does not deserve. I am the one who, perhaps may yet tame the beast. Bring sense to the devil herself. (Twice, she even admitted to that when I strategically asked her directly for her name, then after no response asked if she were the devil.that’s when she replied “Yes Matt, I am the devil!”
    Who says that?!!? Oh, that’s right, a twisted bitch bearing a tatoo on her hip of a cracked and broken heart made of the word “BROKEN” trying to seek revenge on Any and all men for whatever happend to her so many years ago by some ass hole or groupe of ass holes…
    Oh, by the way she is a skinny blond haired, blue eyed Ukrainian hotty who didn’t move to USA till 17 years old. And im done! Whew!

    • You need to steel your nerves and ditch this woman. Because nothing good will come of your relationship with this person. There’s to many red flags to count and she’s a manipulator. You’d be surprised on how quickly you can get over a bad relationship. Most folks don’t realize that a normal brain will become numb to the loss of something important in about 30 days. Then the pain is more a memory around the 90 day mark and you move on from there. You never forget but you’ll be in a much more satisfying spot in life when you ditch and go NO CONTACT to this self proclaimed “devil”. Any woman that tells you she’s messed up. BELIEVE her. Do what you know needs to be done and use this blog to support your decision.

  7. Vin says:

    Wow this is the place that I have been looking for. I have been played for a year , not sure if I’m manipulated or used. As far as I know my heart is hurt having this relationship with this girl.

    I just want to thank you for being here , I thought I’m alone in this thing

  8. roancasa says:

    I thought I was a clever guy. Never is too late to realized that we are human. The same situation is My case. I Think I’ve been played by this girl who is pretty, have a great body, a master in sex and shows a lot of feelings for me, but My instruct tell me that she’s looking other options. As a man My instict tell me she’s doing It and clever as she is she disguise me with other situations. The point is our situation snare very complex and more than complex. She have a boyfriend and Im married(not to happy for a Long time. Long time before I met Her).
    I’ve been trying to let Her out of My mind but I Think Im Weak at The moment. This relation is going on for a year and a month.
    Should I just cut with Her or just play what you explain in The article. Thanks!

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